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We have served on non-profit boards and have worked as program staff and operations staff of non-profits organizations ranging in size from 2 staff to 100+ staff.  We have also worked in management and executive leadership positions, on campaigns, in collectives, and have volunteered many hours to projects we deeply believe in. Often, we have found that the balance between our passion for dismantling systems that aren't working for our communities and providing a livable wage is hard to reach.  At best, our work can be colonized by the organizations we work for that have bigger budgets and more resources. At worst, we burn out trying to do everything, or, the work we deeply believe can become possible only for those who can afford to work for free.  

We want to help you grow adequate financial support for your organization so that you can keep doing what you do best and continue the fight. 


Organizational Management

Fiscal Management - Fiscal management includes developing and managing budgets, managing income and expenditures, and building systems to accurately forecast cash flow.

Operations and Oversight - For start-ups and small organizations bringing on paid staff for the first time, setting up systems and procedures for employee management can be daunting. Our Operations and Oversight support includes designing and implementing organizational systems from payroll to reimbursements to voicemail systems while ensuring compliance with state and federal laws. 

Grant Management - From public and private foundations to government grants, each funder has unique requirements for budgeting and grant reporting.  We can help you tailor your budget to meet the specifics of a single funder's budget formatting, help collect needed data for grant reporting, and build systems to make renewals and grant reporting accessible and efficient. 

Identity Document Support for Trans* folks

Owen is a licensed attorney who has been practicing in the field of gender-affirming identity documents for over 15 years.  Owen is up-to-date on state-specific requirements for legal name change processes and birth certificate sex marker changes, as well as processes for changing name and sex designation on documents such as State ID, Green Card and Certificate of Naturalization, Veteran's ID card, Passport, health insurance, and in PreK-12 grade schools and higher education institutions. Owen is available to talk through your individual needs for identity documents and to support you as you navigate this often confusing process. All genders welcome! 



Event Planning - Planning and managing fundraising events, conferences, and retreats including development of a budget, setting schedules and timelines, program design, crafting an "ask" from donors, and identifying facilitators. 

Grant writing - Combined, Alexia and Owen have experience writing successful grants from $1000 to as much as $130,000 annually. We have written successful fellowship applications and scholarship proposals, and have won AmeriCorps VISTA grants.  Whether you are seeking private, public, or government grants we are available to write your proposal on a affordable hourly basis and will spend ample time getting to know you, your organization, and the funder's priorities in order to write a compelling request. 

Non-Punitive Conflict Resolution

Circle Process / Mediation Facilitation - Circle processes are a powerful structure for conflict resolution, healing, and communication practiced for centuries by some First Nations people. In the U.S., such Circles are utilized in alternative conflict resolution in schools, therapeutic settings, mediation, and in grassroots organizing.  We are here to facilitate Circle Processes to help your organization move through conflict and/or heal from harm. We are also available to teach Circle Keeping with respect for this practice's origins. 


In this country, our activism is held hostage to our jobs - we are completely dependent on a salary structure, and many of us spend over half of our staff hours struggling to raise salaries instead of creating real threats and alternatives to the institutional oppression faced by our communities.
— Adjoa Florencia Jones de Almeida from The Revolution Will Not Be Funded