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Trainings and Workshops

Transgender Inclusion - Transgender and gender expansive people exist in every state, municipality, and community.  This comprehensive workshop can be tailored to meet the needs of your unique group whether school administrators, a government agency, or a small business seeking to support customers and/or staff and covers basic terminology, best practices, and concrete tools to support people of all gender identities.  

Values-Based Leadership - This interactive training dives right to the root of your organization's core values and unpacks concrete tools to utilize these values in your programs and operations.  From Board Development to Staff Supervision, values-based leadership can prevent conflict, increase collective accountability, and model the world we are fighting for.  

Values-Based Fundraising - For organizations of all sizes, funding is necessary to do the work we do but is often attached to the very practices we know cause harm in our communities.  This workshop will cover major types of fundraising, from donor stewardship to annual events, with suggestions for clear ways we can still live out our values while bringing in the funding we need.  Tailored to your specific organization, this workshop can devote time to any number of topics from grant writing strategies to planning site visits to grassroots community fundraising.  

Circle Keeping - Derived from some indigenous practices, Circle Keeping is a powerful tool to build community, move through conflict, and collectively heal from harm.  This intensive workshop supports aspiring "Circle Keepers" who wish to  be able to guide groups through circle dialogue. It is highly recommended that aspiring Circle Keepers engage in a Circle Process (or several!) before receiving this training. 

Building a Community-Led Legal Clinic -  The legal system is intentionally daunting for many of us.  For those of us who have been directly involved in the criminal legal system, foster "care," immigration, and other harmful systems, courts and legal processes can also activate trauma and triggers. Community-led legal clinics are a way for lawyers and non-lawyers alike to de-mystify the criminal legal system and to change the culture of the system itself.  Using concrete examples of how legal clinics are structured all across the country, this workshop will support your organization in building a legal clinic run by those for whom it is meant to advocate. From legal name changes to criminal record sealing and expungement, community-run legal clinics are a powerful way to hold harmful legal systems accountable to our communities.