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Presentations for Colleges & Universities


Transgender Rights and the Law - Transgender people have been treated by dominant U.S. Legal Systems as abject, threatening, or, at best, aspiring to be as pure as cisgender people.  This presentation explores trends in U.S. legal understandings of gender and questions whether the legal system will be able to dismantle binaries. This presentation can be tailored to focus on a particular sector of the law such as criminal law/prison litigation, family law, Title IX and state education antidiscriminination protections, and/or workplace discrimination. 

The Criminalization of Gender Fluidity - Since the dawn of imperialism in what is now known as the U.S., the gender binary has been brutally enforced through the legal system with disparate impact on indigenous peoples, descendants of slaves, and those deemed "alien."  This presentation explores the tactics used to police gender expression and questions the "gay movement's" role in enforcing and re-inforcing the legitimacy of the criminal legal system. 

Values-Based Leadership - From collectives to businesses to non-profit organizations, this presentation outlines how a value-based (versus mission-based) structure resists the harm of the non-profit industrial complex and lives out the possibilities of system change. With examples from our work and the work of others, this presentation takes theory and puts it into practice. 

Commencement Addresses - With our current national "leadership," we must leap forward, perhaps even change our course and follow new paths toward transformation. Owen's commencement address incorporates his personal experience as a prison abolitionist lawyer advocating for the rights of gender expansive people and the concept of RADICAL HOPE for the future.